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FRP Grating Precautions
Apr 26, 2017

1, due to the density of small, light material, high water level in the area of the installation of FRP grid grille easy floating pipe, need to consider setting up the town pier or rainwater runoff dredging measures.

2, in the installed FRP Grille open tee, repair pipeline cracks in the construction, such as the plant is similar to the complete drying conditions and the use of the construction of resin and fiber cloth also need 7-8 hours curing, while on-site construction and repair generally difficult to meet this requirement.

3, the existing underground pipeline detection equipment mainly to detect metal pipelines, and non-metallic pipeline detection equipment is expensive, so the FRP grille buried after the current can not be detected, other construction units in the construction of the follow-up is very easy to dig wounds, damaged pipelines.

4, FRP grille is poor UV resistance. At present, the FRP Grille can retard aging time by making 0.5mm thick layer of resin and ultraviolet absorber (factory processing) on its surface. With the passage of time, the resin layer and ultraviolet absorbent will be destroyed, and thus affect their service life.