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How to choose high quality FRP Grating
Apr 26, 2017

First, to determine what the required FRP grating plates are used for, such as the yard to buy a grille plate is to prepare the grille plate as the carrier of washing.

Secondly, after determining the use of FRP grating plates, we must determine the size and specifications of grating plates. Through the introduction of the manufacturers can be a certain understanding of the grid board, such as the use of the grille, usually choose a 2.5cm thickness or 3.8cm thickness. In the plating equipment factory, commonly used is the 2.5cm thickness grating board. In the sewage treatment plant, chemical plant is often used in 3.8cm thickness grating plate.

Furthermore, after selecting the suitable thickness of FRP grating, we should measure the size of the grating plate. For example, in the washing yard, the size of a car wash parking spaces is 1.220m*2.440m, and the FRP grating plate size is 1.220*3.660, which needs to be cut to install the use.

Finally, the selection of the suitable raw materials for the production of FRP grating plates, such as chemical plants or sewage treatment plant FRP grating panels, the need to choose high corrosion resistance resin production grating.