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How to distinguish the FRP grille from good or bad
Apr 26, 2017

Because at present, the domestic FRP grille market is hotter. Hot market There are some fake manufacturers, many manufacturers in order to be able to reduce costs, so as to use some relatively inferior raw materials to shoddy. However, as consumers do not know the trick, today we will tell you how to distinguish between the steel grating and good or bad situation.

In fact, we judge the quality of a product, first to judge from its raw materials, and then judge the product.

Raw materials: The selection of raw materials for FRP grids is not clear to many consumers. FRP Grille main raw materials for resin and fiberglass fiber. The filler is calcium powder, and is generally configured according to the proportion of 1.

Good resin, generally unsaturated phthalic resin 196, the use of this resin out of the FRP grille is generally more flat and smooth. If the use of inferior resin, out of the product is more turbid, more pores, the most important is easy to break, the strength of toughness is not good.

Another is the comparison of finished products: good FRP grille Look, there is no obvious cracks, stomatal very sand table, color is also relatively pure, the use of longer life. But the inferior appearance of the product has obvious cracks, stomatal many, color is not good, the life of course is shorter.

At present, FRP Grille This market is more chaotic, so small series specially recommended for you the above two simple discriminant methods. This will give you the future purchase of FRP Grille products will have some help. In fact, practice is the only criterion to test truth, those inferior FRP grille can not withstand the test of practice, will eventually reveal its flaws.