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How to identify the quality of FRP grating?
Apr 26, 2017

FRP Grille is a glass fiber reinforced material, unsaturated polyester resin as the substrate, through a special processing of a composite of a lot of space with a plate-like material, it can be used as structural materials for corrosive environment flooring, trench cover, platform, ship deck, stairs and so on.

To identify the quality of FRP grille, you must grasp the following points: The 1th is the selection of raw materials, FRP grille used in the raw materials for resin, fiberglass fiber, filler calcium powder and 1 proportional configuration, high-quality FRP grille selection is high-quality resins, unsaturated phthalic resin 196, colorless transparent. Low viscosity, low exothermic, low shrinkage, high curing, high speed compatibility, gloss brightness. Using the above-quality resin produced by the FRP grille smooth, strong and also has a certain toughness. The use of inferior resin produced by the grille is more porous, easy to break, the strength of poor toughness is not good. The 2nd is the comparison between the finished products, high-quality grille appearance without obvious cracks, stomatal also less, bright pure color, better transparency, with a certain toughness, strong strength, good surface finish, long service life. The inferior grille is the opposite. The 3rd is the practice of testing, the grid in the actual use of the process will expose its real strength, high-quality FRP grille use a few years later the color to dim, but the whole board is still intact, there is no apparent damage. But the inferior grille uses a few years later will appear the corrosion break pore and so on obvious damage, and the board is not so smooth, the color is severely degraded, the aging degree is very big.