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Precautions in the fabrication of FRP grating
Apr 26, 2017

How to correctly use molded FRP grating equipment to produce high-quality grid products?

First, in the use of molded FRP grating equipment before FRP Grille FRP Grille, the equipment needs to be thoroughly examined the parts of the equipment to ensure the normal use of the device.

1, the operation of workers must be skilled in mastering the system to do technology, if it is a novice, the need for the technical guidance for half a month or so training, in order to formally induction.

2, in the production of molding grille before the need to adjust the ingredients for the morning use, the afternoon use of the material at any time.

3, in the process of batching, it must be noted that the blending of ingredients to be reasonable to achieve product standards.

2. When all preparations are finished, the fabrication of molded grating can be carried out and should be noticed in the production.

1, the operator must be skilled in mastering the basic process of molding grille and the process of operation, pay attention to the production process of any small detail, can further improve the quality of FRP grating.

2, operating workers in the basic process of molding grid skills need to be more slowly skilled, practice makes perfect, especially in the process of pulling yarn to grasp the strength to further improve the overall quality of the grid plate.

3, the operation of each detail in the process of mastering good, each small detail effect is very large, every detail of the operation of the poor will be a direct impact on the quality of FRP grille.

4, the most important point is in the artificial pressure yarn, must ensure that the overall degree of consistency in the yarn to achieve the standard.

Thirdly, when the FRP Grating Board manual operation completes, the next need to warm solidification, proper grasp the water temperature and the valve switch. Until the grating plate solidification, you can start the rising button at the bottom of the device, complete the final graduation from the grid plate and molding equipment. Fourth, the final note is that the molding grid equipment to be regularly cleaned to increase the service life of the equipment and FRP molded grille appearance of smoothness.

On top of all: every step of the proper use of molded grating equipment is crucial, and details determine success or failure.