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properties of FRP pultruded profiles
Oct 31, 2017

1. High strength
FRP pultruded profiles is stronger than structural steel on a pound-for pound basis. It has been used to buildings, walkway, sub-floors and platforms.

2. Light weight
FRP pultruded profiles
 is 20-25% the weight of steel and 70% the weight of aluminum. FRP profiles are easily transported, handled and lifted into place. 

3. Anti-corrosion
Fiberglass pultruded profiles will not rot and are impervious to a broad range of corrosive elements. This feature makes Fiberglass pultruded profiles a natural selection for indoor or outdoor structures in pulp and paper mills, chemical plants, water and sewage treatment plants, structural near salt water and other corrosive environments.

                                            FRP pultruded profiles.jpg

4. Electro-magnetic transparency
FRP pultruded profiles are transparent to radio waves, microwaves and other electromagnetic. It is widely used to make antennas.

5. Non-conductive
FRP pultruded profiles has low thermal/ electrical conductivity.

6. Dimensional stability
The coefficient of thermal expansion of fiberglass pultruded profiles is slightly less than steel and significantly less than aluminum.

                                            Fiberglass pultruded profiles.png

7. Aesthetics
FRP pultruded profiles are pigmented throughout the thickness of the part and can be made to virtually any desired custom color. Special surfacing veils are also available to create special surface appearances such as wood grain, marble, granite, etc.