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What is the characteristic of FRP grille, I'll tell you
Apr 26, 2017

With the gradual improvement of the level of human science and technology, people began to carry out some work such as marine exploration and submarine oil exploitation. Peacetime life also has sewage treatment, chemical processing and other chemical industry. These industries are a number of high-strength, highly corrosive operation environment, FRP Grille is bred and born. Its excellent characteristics, is widely used in chemical industry, transport, food, textiles and other industries. So what are the specific characteristics of FRP grating? The following small series will take you to see.

1, FRP grating lightweight high strength, the use of FRP grille do not need a steel frame as the skeleton, because of its own high-strength performance, relying solely on its own can support, compression, bending, non-deformation, not bending. Not only saves the steel, but also achieves the use goal. The disadvantage of low-deformation strength of steel grating is compensated.

2, FRP Grille insulation. The data show that the thermal conductivity of FRP Grille is 1/150 of steel, 1/650 of aluminium. FRP Grille profiles for the hollow structure, with air insulation layer, good insulation effect. High-quality FRP grille insulation performance is better than the national standard GB8484-87 insulation performance level a indicators. FRP Double glazing insulation window, compared with other windows, winter can improve room temperature of 3.5 ° C.

3, FRP Grille is stable in size and sound insulation. The thermal deformation temperature of FRP profiles is 200 ℃, and the gap between the building and the glass is not easy to be with the change of temperature difference, which can greatly improve the sealing performance of FRP grating. In addition, the FRP resin and glass fiber composite structure vibration damping is very high, the sound barrier can reach 26~30 db.