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You do not know the selection of FRP grille to consider the factors
Apr 26, 2017

FRP Grille is very suitable in all walks of life, its biggest advantage is that the corrosion resistance is good, cutting is convenient, easy to operate, it is not easy to aging. We know how to choose when we buy FRP grille? Are you the right way to choose? Not very clear, with the small compilation to understand it.

Selection of FRP Grille The most important point is to see the quality of products, production of raw materials, resin, fiberglass fiber, the internal filler calcium powder is required to achieve a certain proportion. Usually the kind of good quality products, color brightness is high, the surface is also relatively smooth, self-willed relatively large, these through the contrast can be found. And the poor quality of products, gray-wide, the interior of the stomata more, in use of the time because of the intensity is not high, but relatively prone to rupture situation. FRP Grille is also need to pay attention to the anti-aging, high-quality products can be used for a long time and preservation intact, the color does not have much difference, the loss to customers is minimal.

Small series to introduce to everyone is to buy FRP grille the most important point, as long as we seize this point to buy, we bought back the FRP grille must be the quality of the product. We can go to the market groping for Oh!