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Application Of FRP Grating Plate In All Respects
Apr 26, 2017

FRP grille plates are used in. Petrochemical: Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of FRP, in petroleum, Water Conservancy, textile printing and dyeing, food processing, electronics industry, sewage treatment, shipbuilding, civil construction, power engineering substation, chemical industry is widely used in staircases, handrails, operating platforms, corridors, drainage systems, sea-floor identification marks, oil wells, various anti-corrosion stents.

FRP grating is used in. Power: Because of its superior performance, extrusion profiles are widely used as insulation support components, high-voltage cable tray, antenna column, high-voltage current operating rod. FRP grating is used in. Transport: In trains, cars used as layering, corner plates, also can be used as highway guardrail, sound-absorbing panels, anti-glare panels. FRP grating panels are used in. Construction: can be used for roof support, building guardrail, doors, window frames. FRP Grating plate is commonly used as floor, pedestrian channel, operating platform, Ladder Road, ditch cover plate, is wet and slippery environment, hot and humid area of rust, corrosion areas of the primary products. such as electroplating factory, Cooling tower, wharf engineering, sewage treatment plant, etc.