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Characteristics Of FRP Grating
Apr 26, 2017

Firstly, the quality of the product itself is very light. In this way, we can save a certain amount of transportation costs when we transport our products, and we can save a lot of manpower and financial resources while transporting. Some people may think that the quality is so light, the strength of the product will not be good. In fact, this is absolutely no need to worry, the strength of the product is very high. Because the products used in the processing of the materials are some resins and glass fiber composite, its density is very small, only steel material one-fourth, is aluminum material of two-thirds. If the strength is compared with the rigid polyvinyl chloride, the latter is more than 10 times times.

So the absolute strength is still very high. In the use of the time, can also greatly reduce the basis of product support. The cost of engineering materials has been reduced. Our staff are also very convenient to cut.

Second, the product's aging resistance is very good. If the quality of the product we buy is qualified, it is generally used for more than 50 years of time. and its flame retardant performance is very good. The oxygen index is at least 28. Besides, the safety of the product is very good. When we use it, we can apply it to the IQ of magnetic sensitive equipment products, and its structure has anti-skid effect and anti-fatigue effect. 

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