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Composition Of FRP Grille Cover
Apr 26, 2017

FRP Grille cover It is composed of two basic whole, the following layer is a FRP grille, the top layer is a glass brick cover, the two through a special method combined with the formation of a glass brick grille cover. From the manufacturing process to say, glass brick grille cover plate manufacturing is still very troublesome, deformity is not the special needs of customers, rarely manufactured. And the process of manufacturing is also extremely troublesome, and it is not as simple as its composition one plus one equals two.

Superior function, glass brick grille cover is made of glass brick grille and glass brick cover, so also fully inherited the advantages of the two functions under the original part of the large width improvement. First is the bearing capacity, FRP Grille is not questioned, and the glass brick grille can be changed by its own thickness to enhance the load capacity, the FRP grille is added a layer of glass tile cover is undoubtedly greatly increased the capacity of the load.