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How To Choose FRP Grille
Apr 26, 2017

In fact, to choose a suitable for their own car washing room grille, or there are quite a lot of tricks, that we will definitely ask, what skills. The choice of high-quality car washing room grille is the first task of car decoration, because it can save expenses, ensure safe and convenient use, to ensure the necessary bearing capacity, more guaranteed to use life. Deciding whether to be a high-quality grille is the main factor in raw materials, in which the higher the resin content, the higher the number of layers of yarn to the grid use of life and strength will be better.

A. Selection of raw materials. High-quality FRP grille used in the raw materials are resins, fiberglass fiber, calcium powder to 1 configuration. Resin selection of high-quality unsaturated phthalic resin 196, colorless transparent.

Fiberglass filament is reinforced by the toughness of the grille, with the same toughness as steel wires. Alkali-free silk is laid on 8-9 layers to ensure the strength and lifetime of the grating.

B. Comparison of finished products. High-quality grille appearance without cracks and pores, bright colors, good transparency, good surface finish, long time. and inferior grille color gloss is not good, the stomatal is much, the crack is many, the use time is short.

C. Application time comparison. The use of high-quality grille 20 years will not appear large area of damage, color degradation and so on. But the inferior grille uses one to one to one year will be the whole board damage, the color is severely degraded, and the use of time is generally not more than three years.