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How To Lay The FRP Grille Cover Plate More Perfect
May 26, 2017

FRP Grille cover Plate is on the basis of a grid plate with a layer of FRP cover. Unlike FRP Grille, FRP grille cover is solid, sealed, and production process is more complex than fiberglass grille. FRP Grille cover with extremely superior strength and bearing capacity, and anti-skid performance is also very superior, life is more than the general grid plate longer.

FRP grille cover is generally laid by artificial. Of course, it can also be laid by a tractor or a car adapted to the special equipment. This method eliminates manpower, relies on machine operation, convenient and simple. The process of artificial laying of FRP grille cover is: The grating glue is oriented, so that the orange and blue markings on the ends of the paper barrel are at one end, so that the plastic surface can be prevented from spreading wrong. Second, to keep the grille flat, so that the two sides of the alignment; if it is not aligned, you can use the horizontal ruler to do flat, so that the grille can have effective tension. After paving the proposal with a clean steel roller rolling over, so that the grille can be clean and bright, color brighter.

FRP grating cover plate at fixed time, longitudinal lap-based, width greater than or equal to 20mm. The longitudinal lap should be placed on the rear of the previous amplitude according to the asphalt paving direction. The steel nails cannot be nailed to the FRP grating cover plate. In order to avoid damaging the performance of FRP grating cover plates, the FRP grating cover plate can not be tapped directly with a hammer, if there is loosening, it will need to be fixed. After fixed, can use the rubber roller to moderate compaction stability, so that FRP grille cover plate and the original road surface bonding firmly. In the actual operation process, some construction units used to sprinkle the adhesive layer after the direct spreading of the glass fiber grille, roller followed the roller compaction, the effect is better, fiberglass grille is not easy to wrinkle.

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