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On The Merits And Demerits Of FRP Grille
Apr 26, 2017

FRP Grille for automotive service shops in the ascendant, many businessmen have aimed at this market, open plant production, the market existing products, the quality of cohabitation, uneven quality, to the vast number of use has brought many adverse effects. In order to better understand the FRP grille, identify the quality of FRP grille products, for the simple introduction of how to identify the FRP grille product quality.

Production of raw materials.

FRP Grille main production raw materials: resin, fiberglass filament (hereinafter referred to as fiberglass), filler powder.

1, resin. High-quality FRP grille selection of resin: unsaturated phthalic resin 196, colorless transparent. Low viscosity, low exothermic, low shrinkage, high speed curing, high speed compatibility, gloss brightness. The production of FRP grille is smooth, glossy, strong and has a certain toughness. If the use of inferior resin will be completely contrary to poor quality of the resin muddy, high viscosity, high level of heat, low-shrinkage, curing relatively slow, the compatibility is also poor, the production of FRP Grille porous, easy to break, strength difference toughness is not good.

2. Fiberglass filament (fiberglass). FRP fibers can be reinforced in FRP grids. High-quality fiberglass fiber reinforced plastic fiber reinforced plastics, such as alkali-free strength above steel wire has a certain toughness, chemical stability, weatherability good, almost no water to fire, his strength can also be used as tire cord. Some manufacturers use fiberglass filament is high alkali silk as no alkali wire, high alkali silk strength is low, the resistance to alkali resistance to water is poor.

3, filler powder. FRP Grille filler is aluminum powder, high-quality filler powder delicate white, with flame retardant, with the resin completely fused, the production of the board beautiful color, good transparency and toughness. Conversely, poor quality of the filler powder such as calcium rough dim, water-prone swelling, non-flame retardant, produced by the board without gloss, more brittle and non-toughness.