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The Application Of FRP Grille In Stair Stepping And Tread Cover
Apr 26, 2017

Stair stepping is made of fiberglass grille, the front part has a black highlight edge. Its square size has 38x38 square, 25x152 square two kinds. Stair stepping width is generally: 228mm, 367mm, 305mm, the standard length of 762mm, 914mm, customers can also order longer time, to the scene according to the needs of cutting use. The thickness of the stairs is generally 38mm. FRP tread cover is completely resin-soaked fiberglass cloth reinforced products, with anti-skid silicon carbide, alumina or quartz sand surface, installed on the plank, cement or metal stepping surface, can also be installed on the surface of FRP stair stepping, provide a safer, more reliable anti-skid surface.

Step cover plate also has non-conductive, flame-retardant, durable, impact, light weight, easy to install. The thickness of the tread cover is generally 3mm, 6mm, and can be manufactured according to the customer's thickness requirements. Used in outdoor staircase, sports venues, food processing plants, chemical plants, paper mills and sewage treatment plants and other fields.

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