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The Main Performance Characteristics And Application Of FRP Grille Cover Plate
Apr 26, 2017

1, product quality light, high strength, and easy to cut, installation;

2. Corrosion resistant to various chemical mediums, never rust use, long cycle, free from maintenance. The FRP grille cover products are different from the traditional metal grille, the chemical media in the role of the electrochemical corrosion will not occur and rust, it is also different from wood and other materials will occur rot, mildew phenomenon, is the traditional iron, wood, cement and other materials upgrading products;

3, flame retardant. The company specially designed formulations can meet the requirements of the project to fire protection, thus ensuring security;

4, the design is strong, the size is flexible and diverse, dimensional stability. The company can be customized according to customer requirements, such as different sizes, different shape Kong Ge and different appearance sizes, to maximize the satisfaction of customer needs, thus ensuring security;

5, insulating, non-magnetic;